About Us

About Us

The Problem

According to Dyslexia International, at least 1 in 10 people are affected by dyslexia, i.e. more than 700 million children and adults worldwide.

Dyslexia has three major forms: reading, writing, and spelling. This project decided to tackle reading as it seemed like the most feasible intervention through technology.

Children rely on special educators

  • Children who are diagnosed early on are placed in tutoring classes to supplement their schooling.

  • Research has shown the Orton-Gillingham approach to be very effective. However, these solutions tend to be generally expensive across the world.

Adults use web-based accessibility tools

  • The 18+ population relies on tools and utilities that help in making reading easier. This is usually through Chrome extensions and website plugins.

  • The gap here is that these solutions only work on websites, and not in the real physical world.

How might we help individuals with dyslexia read books and other textual information better at home and on the go?

The Solution

DyslexiaBuddy is tailored to support the 700+ million people affected by dyslexia. Our research-backed approach has shown a 21% improvement in reading times compared to traditional methods.

Customizable Reading Interface: Select from dyslexia-friendly fonts and a variety of background colors. Adjust line height and letter spacing for optimal readability.

Read Aloud with Personal Voices: Our Read Aloud feature offers six unique voice accents, adjustable playback speeds, and the innovative Personal Voices in iOS 17 – personalize your reading experience with a familiar voice.

Effortless Text Scanning: Quickly scan printed pages using our intuitive camera mode. Capture multiple pages effortlessly for on-the-go reading.

Save & Revisit: Easily store and revisit scanned texts, ensuring you never lose track of your reading materials.

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